Glass mosaic making

Steps to making my raven glass mosaic:

first I drew a flying raven from a photo, cut a stencil and tested it on newsprint
first I drew a flying raven from a photo, cut a stencil and tested it on newsprint

then I stencilled the raven onto a rice paper monoprint and adhered it onto a wood substrate
next I collaged around the stencilled raven and then cut the glass to glue on top of the entire surface
And the last step is applying the grout (which I coloured with acrylic paint to get the turquoise blue I wanted).

9 thoughts on “Glass mosaic making

  1. I am trying to do something similar and I am not finding the colour of grout I want. Did you mix the paint right into the grout? or paint on it after it was dry? I am trying to figure out how to get a nice blue colour but I am not sure if I add the pain to the grout if it will set and dry properly. To know how you did this would be greatly appreciated.

    • I mixed the acrylic paint right into the grout, you just have to be careful to not put too much paint so it doesn’t interfere with the setting properties of the grout. It worked fine for me on several pieces I’ve done. Way easier than painting it afterwards although you can also do that if for some reason you wanted to change the colour in a certain area for instance.

      • Thank you soooo much for getting getting back to me so quickly I am very excited to finish my table now. Your mosaic is beautiful.

      • The table is for outside on my balcony I transformed a wooden spool into it i’m all done and it looks pretty great I have a nice blue colour after adding the acrylic paint to the grout.

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